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Tax Advisory Services



Payment of taxes is one of the most important duties individuals and companies have toward the state and the rest of the society. We, in Petyovský & Partners, believe that each individual and company should fulfil its duties, however, we also believe that it is one of the basic constitutional rights of each individual use each and every possibility how to legally reduce the tax liability. Our firm is ready to help our clients to complete the tax duties as well as to use all legal possibilities how to reduce the final tax liability.

Everything Starts with Initial consultation

We are always pleased to discuss scope of our services, possibilities how to help our clients as well the tax duties the individuals and companies may have in the Czech Republic with you.

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Our services consist of the following

 - Preparation of employee personal income tax returns

 - Set up of cross border assignment structuring

 - Entrance and exit tax interviews

 - Tax equalization calculations

 - Shadow payroll, including registrations

 - Obtaining A1 and other certificates

 - Social security registration and monthly calculations

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