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Immigration Services


An excellent corporate and individual immigration service is one in which a positive immigration outcome is achieved with clear guidance delivered to the individual and the business. We, in Petyovský & Partners, belive in personal and highly customized service to both our corporate and individual clients.

Everything Starts with Initial Consultation


At initiation of our services, we conduct a personal call (or meeting if posible)

in order to gather the relevant information for setting up an appropriate plan

for the immmigration procedure and to provide an overview of the upcoming steps.


After the initial consultation, an appropriate advice on the relevant type of permit is provided, e.g.:


 - Work Permits

 - Employee/Blue Cards

 - Visas (business, family, student)

 - EU Temporary Residency Permit

 - Permanent Residency

 - Citizenship

Before Arrival


We guide our clients through the immigration process step-by-step and assist them in particular with:


 - Case assessment

 - Gathering the required documents;

 - Arranging apostilles and legalizations;

 - Translation of documents

Upon Arrival

 - Finalization of the immigration process with our personal assitance

 - Collection of approved permits

 - Necessary registrations with state Authorities

 - Health Insurance

During Stay in the Czech Republic


 - Extension of all relevant permits

 - Reporting of changes (address, passport, marital status, etc.)

 - Business visas abroad

 - Driving licenses

 - Parking cards

 - Invitation letters

 - Litigation (if permit is cancelled or denied)

 - Representation at the Authorities


At Departure


 - Termination of permits

 - Necesary de-registrations

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