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Property Investment


Nowadays, every successful investor builds his own investment portfolio individually and diversifies the investment commodities, so it covers more specific areas. Whether it is gold, stocks or art, it is commonly known, that real estate investment is one of the most secure investments while preserving the best value over time. Property investment builds a significant part of successful investment portfolio along other commodities. As the price of gold is still growing over the past 1000 years, the price of real estate properties are still growing in new modern era of the Czech Republic.

"...There are safe investments, risky investments,

and unprofitable investments..."  

Prague and especially the historical part of the city center is offering unique opportunity, how to invest in a beautiful flat or house. The prices are growing about 6-8 percent every year and the profit from the rental ranges between
3-8% per annum, depending on the type of the investment. Those two factors combine everything, what can be expected from a successful investment.


Our company operating on the Czech real estate market is offering a complete range of services in respect to property investment including pre-selection of the right property, representing the client in the whole investment process, legal services related to the investment and surveillance on the process by the Czech Authorities.


Together, we are able to provide you with a desirable use of the property, whether the long-term rental with yearly 3-5% profit or short-term rental of the property with average of 5-8% profit per annum.


Our offer is always based on client’s individual requirements with respect to client’s privacy and security.  

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