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Legal Services


As Tomáš Petyovský is an Attorney-at-Law, our company works closely with his law firm. The law firm has the capacity, experience and professional background for the provision of legal services in full, both in connection with the clients’ day-to-day legal issues and in relation to deeply specialized projects. Thanks to this relationship our cooperating attorney is ready to help you in the fields of corporate, employment and real estate law. In addition, he offers private client services and day-to-day corporate and commercial secretarial services.

Starting a Business in the Czech Republic?


 - Do you intend to start a business in the Czech Republic?

 - Do you want to extend your business activity here?

 - Are you aware of all the legal requirements to be met in order to obtain        

   authorization to do business under the Czech law?

 - Do you need to know what legal form would be most suitable for your business

   when doing business in the Czech Republic?


Our co-operating law firm provides full-scope legal advice in connection with starting a business in the Czech Republic, extending the business or moving the business to the Czech Republic. We will advise you on the most suitable legal form for the provision of business activities in accordance with your specific needs and conditions and in accordance with the most suitable tax scenario prepared in

co-operation with our tax colleagues.


We have the best knowledge and experience of the requirements for necessary registrations, legal processes and negotiations with the relevant Czech Authorities. We provide our services on a key-solution basis, providing all possible assistance in accordance with your wishes, needs and the conditions of your business until the legal conditions for starting your business in the Czech Republic are met. We also advise on relevant legal matters related to the initial business phase, e.g., employment issues, statutory representative issues, contractual standards, rental issues, etc.

Corporate Restructuring and Governance


 - Do you run a business in the Czech Republic?

 - Do you have a business entity in the Czech Republic?

 - Does your company carry out its business activities in the Czech Republic via a

   Czech branch?

 - Are you planning a comprehensive corporate restructuring of your business?

 - Do you intend to implement any corporate changes in the company/branch

   concerning, for example, the scope of the business activity, registered capital,

   statutory representatives, etc.?

 - Do you need to take care of the ongoing governance of corporate matters of your  



Our co-operating law firm specializes in corporate matters relating to the day-to-day business of commercial entities and in comprehensive corporate processes, corporate restructurings, etc.


We are prepared to review your corporate matters, advise on their compliance with relevant legal regulations, advise on the steps necessary to make them fully compliant with the legislation, conform to the highest technical legal standards and to implement the suggested steps in accordance with your needs and wishes. We are also prepared to take full responsibility for your ongoing corporate matters, i.e., relating to the necessary standard registrations, permissions, meetings of the company’s bodies and their decisions, etc.



 - Do you need to prepare or review new employment contracts, internal instructions

   and HR polices?

 - Do you need to assign your employees abroad and you are looking for appropriate

   assignment structure?

 - Were you fired from your job and you do not know what your rights are?


Our cooperating law firm is ready to provide you with labour law services which include legal reviews, assistance in employee recruitment or assignments, preparation and review of employment contracts and company’s internal regulations, advisory in employee remuneration and provision of benefits. In addition, the services also involve advisory related to termination of the employment and representation in possible legal disputes.

Real Estate


 - Do you need buy a flat/house or any real estate?

 - Do you need to rent a flat or house?

 - Are you planning to do any constructions works?


Our cooperating law firm will help you with any advice on real estate property transactions (e.g. sale, purchase or lease of apartments and commercial property), drafting all documents relating to property finance and security related documents (mortgages, lien over property and other assets including sets of movable assets, lien over IP or a business or part thereof, security and collateral agreements relating to banking accounts, shares and ownership interests).


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