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Relocation Services



The service consists of complete business process associated with transfer of an assignee and his/her family to a new place of work and residence – providing a seamless and effective integration into the new community, including home finding, school search, moving and complete settling in services.

Everything Starts with Initial consultation

This is the planning phase of the relocation process and serves to ensure that the employee’s time spent on their first visit to the Czech Republic is optimized as much as possible. An initial telephone consultation is conducted with the employee and his/her family, obtaining information on lifestyle preferences and needs to ensure that they are appropriately addressed when sampling is done for the first country visit.


During this consultation the details of the relocation process are explained and the employee and his/her family are informed of what they can expect from the service and the subsequent move.

Look and See Trip

This visit typically lasts one to two days. The main purpose this trip is to find an appropriate accomodation and typically provide basic orientation around the place of expatriate`s future residence. A relocation consultant personally meets the employee and his/her family on arrival to the Czech Republic and accompany them to their temporary place of residence, as well as on all planned site visits. Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, suggested options which are the best fit for the individual/family are compiled and visits are planned accordingly. At the end of the visit, the employee is in a position to make certain key decisions in terms of his/her preference for schooling, residence and other areas, for which planning is required before his/her relocation.

Upon Arrival

After the arrival, we provide the assignee with all kinds of services related to relocation matters:


- Handover of property

- Lease expense consolidation 

- Coordinating handyman services when needed

- Opening bank account 

- Household insurance

- Shopping assistance

- Internet installation

- Secure cleaning services

- Secure baby-sitting/nanny services

- Secure parking permit cards

The final phase is often an overlooked part of relocation services. The move and the details of departure can be a time-consuming exercise, negatively impacting the employees’ work performance during the final phase of their project.

During this phase the relocation team will ensure that all the details pertaining to the departure are taken care of with minimal involvement ot he employee..





At the End of the Assignment
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